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08-07-2000, 12:46 AM
I have spent the last day trying to get a CD-ROM .exe file to work properly, but it hasn't. The Menu created is supposed to open an .html file. Even based on the directions in the help section it doesn't work. It does work before using SwiffCANVAS, but afterwards it doesn't.

What is going wrong - anyone have any help??


08-12-2000, 01:59 AM
well, after much work and digging...

once you prepare a file for use on a CD-ROM, SwiffCANVAS is run to create the "cool" effects. By doing this you lose your standard ability to access other files on the CD.

when you run the file, it extracts to your TEMP directory and creates a file with the path of the program in it. It has a flaw. The path is in quotes and if you want to use it, the quotes screw it up for you.

a quick fix involves removing the quotes - however if you want it to work on a CD, the it is best to crop the string down to only the drive letter. so you have to be sure to re-include any directories on your button.

So you would: LoadVariables("SwiffCANVAS","")
Then on your button: Get URL (Substring ( LaunchFolder, 2, 3 )&"yourfile.html")

Surprisingly enough, this works. Email me if you have any questions about what I did - or suggestions, if there is a shorter way to improve what I did.


08-12-2000, 04:33 PM
Great workaround. Thanks for the tip. :)