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05-11-2001, 03:15 PM
I am trying to use a dynamic text box in a movie clip that will be placed in a main flash movie where the input text box is. The variable is not being passed to the movie clip.
Also I'm trying to use a mask layer over a dynamic text box layer and the text is not visible through the mask layer.

05-13-2001, 09:46 PM
This doesn't quite look like an XML problem. You'd probably get more responses in the ActionScript forums.

Sounds like you are generally having trouble with dynamic text boxes. Do you have any that work? If you are new to Flash you may have overlooked the options for including font outlines in your movie that will allow the text to display in the dynamic field.

In the text options panel, make sure that you have selected the button on the lower-left that has [...] on it. This will include all characters from the font. You can be more selective with the other buttons and reduce your filesize once you have it working.

As for the variable, if you have a variable in the main timeline (_root), and you want it to appear in the movie clip's text field (let's call the clip "myClip"), you must assign the variable to the clip. Every variable in Flash is specific (local) to a timeline, such as the _root timeline. You can have a "username" variable on the _root timeline and a "username" variable in your clip and they will each contain a distinct value (although, they can also contain the same value at times.

To make sure that you have copied the value of the "username" variable from the main timeline to the clip's timeline, use the following in your main timeline action script:

myClip.username = username;

... or from the clip, you might say

username = _root.username;

Does this put you on the right track, or did you already know this part?

05-16-2001, 12:59 PM
thank you for the info. I put this post in XML accidentaly. I am trying to do what you said by "set variable" and it is not working still. Am I doing something wrong?