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08-08-2000, 12:46 AM
Hey hey hey, everyone!!! I found some free time and felt the urge so here is a link :)


Its only 19k. I suppose that I could have put it right into the post... Is there a recommend cap on an embedded file?

It's been a great day :D

08-08-2000, 02:34 AM

Here you go!! Why isnt anyone else on at 1:40am on a monday night???

08-08-2000, 02:39 AM
Im starting to feel like armadillo here!! I am on the verge of having a conversation with myself :)

08-08-2000, 03:25 AM
Maybe you should have added a little squash and stretch as he was boucing thru the trees. like when he lands
on the branch squash him a little and as he jumps stretch him a little, even still it looks cool.

08-08-2000, 11:13 AM
Heh heh thanks shock :)

I really need to spend some time on something and do it right rather than doing these sketches!!

08-08-2000, 04:09 PM
great! yah. u need some othe kind of movemtent too. he suppose to be a cyborg ninja? cool. yah. i could fix it up if u send the fla over to me. brohi@earthlink.net

08-08-2000, 06:52 PM
When ever I draw directly into flash it always comes out looking a bit silly. Plus I am just know getting back into the swing of things I havent really been sketching for about 2 years and I have really missed it, now because of everyone on this board, I have some motivation :)

Here is the .fla, right click save.


08-08-2000, 10:12 PM
g;ad to know we motivate you mugen! yeah. ill see if i can mees around with the ninja. try and make it good

08-09-2000, 06:56 AM
wow phat mugen

the only thing that bothers are the trees ;)
but anyway good call