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05-19-2001, 01:07 AM
i'm in a huge bind!
ok... i have flash and asp and sql walking into the sunset when all of a sudden i have to get xml involved in this 3 some before dusk...... so here i am the sun setting and no idea how to get flash talking to xml!!!!!
i need reference books, good sites that address flash understanding xml....
i know it's possible.... but i'm looking for references... i don't know xml! i just learned asp!
before the sun goes down and i turn into a .com stat!!!


05-21-2001, 08:50 AM
Hey PxlChick--

You're really hot!

05-28-2001, 11:28 AM
Ok, the XML thing is also very new to me. I've got the xml and HTML thing pretty much in the bag and now I'm cracking at using it with flash too. Here are some links:

Realtime xml chat with downloadable code (reference)

Documentation and decent intro.

Little thick round the middle:

This is the Grand Daddy

Very good place to start, I'm printing this one!

I'd be happy to engage in some one on one conversation about xml & Flash, I have some decent source code which I'm actively trying to dissect. One thing I would strongly recommend is searching through the movies thread and finding the "XML to Objects" fla.. fantastic peice of code that makes formatting and navigating your imported xml document, much easier (so far this is the only peice of code I've managed to work with). Other than that I'd recommend XML spy as a fantastic editor (talks to your existing databases if you need such a thing). Get in touch, perhaps we can share tips and resrouces as we learn.

Green as you, Og.
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06-04-2001, 02:39 PM
I'm going to give you some weird advice....

You don't need to understand how to parse XML to use it. Try out WDDX (Web Distributed Document Exchange) it's a method of XML that allows you to transfer complex objects (like a query from the database) using XML.

I just did a set of tutorials at SecretAgents.com on connecting Flash to ColdFusion using XML (WDDX). It would work identical in ASP.

<a href=http://www.secretagents.com/tools/viewlets/index.cfm?category_id=22&showviewlets=1>Check these out</a>

Steve Nelson