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05-19-2001, 07:06 AM
Well I'm trying to make my sites working with Netscape and Mac. Even with microsoft internett explorer on mac this could bring out some difficulties like: In my sites I'm using lots of video, when linking to this wvx-file in Netscape and on Mac the site reloads witch is pretty anoying, since I use use a lot of flashanimation. Also this do not look nice, is there any solution for this.

I've also made my own videoplayer that load an object/ax or embed, depending on witch browser you use. With Netscape you have to install mediaplayer plugin witch is very difficult for an average user, is it ment to be like this, do Netscape give up the "browser fight" for multimedia? (We find this problem for simple hyperlink in html to when loading files like wvx/asx)

Next...since we can use explorer on Mac, witch helps alot, we still have to use embed. Here is my question: is it possible to make a flashmovie(embeded) transparent like it is with object.

Thank's...reh and pbdesign