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08-10-2000, 10:24 PM

I'm actually trying to fill some morphing object with gradient colors....
I strictly have no problems with the solid one,but i encounter some many errors with the gradient...
I was so wondering if someone already did it,and could help me on it....

Because i have no ideas if i have to use a FGradRecord or not....How to initialize my matrix,and so on....

If someone could really help me on this it could be really great...

thanks a lot for your time!!!!

08-14-2000, 03:15 AM
What i did is actually working...but not giving me any gradient color....

//Transform Matrix
FMatrix* matrix1 = new FMatrix();
FMatrix* matrix2 = new FMatrix();
FGradient* grad=new FGradient();

FMorphGradRecord* gradrec1=new FMorphGradRecord (10000,new FColor(whiteA),50000,new FColor(blackA)) ;

FMorphGradRecord* gradrec2=new FMorphGradRecord (1000,new FColor(blackA),50000,new FColor(whiteA)) ;

FMorphFillStyleGradient* FillStyl=new FMorphFillStyleGradient(0x12,matrix1,matrix2,grad) ;

U32 FillStyle=morphingTriangle->AddFillStyle(FillStyl);

So i guess it's on the ratio or...in the Grab Record...???