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06-02-2001, 03:42 AM
Hey guys you guys have not let me down yet....got another one for flashies....

OK when starting a project what app should i lay it out in. Freehand , Illustrator , photoshop?

than import the files into flash?
and began to separate from there...does that sound right.

this should be fairly easy ,because everyone start's there layout somewhere..

06-03-2001, 10:33 PM
I usually use Illustrator...

06-04-2001, 11:35 AM
It's really all a matter of what your personal preferences are and more importantly the look and feel you are trying to accomplish. About 99% of the time I sketch some rough ideas on paper, and then go to Illustrator for layout. I rarely ever use Photoshop for flash, but that's just my design style at the moment. To make your life a lot easier, I would use a vector porgram.

Hope this helps.

06-04-2001, 12:48 PM
I work in FreeHand and love the compatability. Macromedia makes both Flash and FreeHand, so moving from one to the other is easy. The new FreeHand 10 is marketed as being even more compatable. I don't know about Illustrator, but with FreeHand, I create a drawing and just copy it, go to Flash and paste. Simple.

Be careful when moving a grouped drawing from a vector program to Flash's library. Scaling on stage and then breaking apart may result in stroke size differences. This is more of a problem when you have groups within groups and don't break the art apart all the way down (you get differing line weights in just the part you break apart).

If anyone has a workaround for that, please post.

Best of Luck!

06-05-2001, 03:35 AM
I use Illustrator. Ill can export swf files, either in a sequence, a flat swf file, orumm I forgot what the third option is, I use the sequence, makes it easier to seperate into layers.