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06-04-2001, 09:01 AM
I am creating a sales presentation for my boss in Flash so that he can interact and jump to different scenes to show different images, text, and quicktime movies. This is my fisrt major Flash job, usually I work in Director. I have been publishing periodicly to check my work and see that everything is OK. I also use the test scene features.
This is where it gets odd, when I finished the second to last section containing the quicktime movies, when I published to .swf, mac projector, or quicktime all I get is a file with 4.2 MB size that opens but nothing happens. Flash player is open but there are no available menu options but quit. Quicktime opens with a blank white screen and doesn't play.
I tried... giving it more memory... Reinstalling Flash... Deleting the quicktimes...
Exporting and testing the scenes still works but then I loose the inter-scene navigation. I can also publish on the PC platform alright, but WHY am I having these problems on this Mac. I have a single 450 MHz G4, 356 RAM (110+ to Flash), MAC OS 9.1, Flash 5, Quicktime 5
I would welcome any suggestions!

Mindy Good
Multimedia Designer

06-05-2001, 03:43 AM
Quicktime 5 and Flash have serious issues to start, so that could be the problem. Flash and quicktime movies don't work to well, if you export a flash 5 movie as a quicktime, remember that quicktime 5 uses flash 4 player, and it doesn't work too well as the standard player. If you know director I would use that when it comes to embed movies, easier and a ton of options to control the movies, plus you can do all the stuff flash does, even import the flash swf files. Well not everything, but you can fake it in Director, or script it out. Hope this helps.

06-08-2001, 03:44 PM
try setting the export version to Flash 4. depending on what type of scripting you have going on, it may publish fine.

It should then play in the Quicktime Player, though I have found numorous little bugs in the way QT plays back flash and the way the QT media is positioned once viewed in the QT player. Note that you can change the position of the QT movie using the Pro version of QT.

How many more times can i say QT? ;)