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06-06-2001, 08:29 AM

I want to dispaly the text ( basically news) 10 different news where each new heading and description needs to be displayed ina user defined font (may be same or diffent for the heading and title) but different for all 10 news or the
columns of the database

As you can see in the site http://www.accenture.com

A brown animation is dispalyed on the right side (home page) where the text changes dynamically having different fonts

I want the same thing

But not able to find a solution to it

How is it possible in flash

And then how to incorporate it using ASP

Please mail me

Address is geetanjali88@rediffmail.com


06-07-2001, 06:10 AM
Hmmmm.... from the looks of it I would think that the Accenture example uses pre-designed 'pages' which are being loaded and animated on the fly (or maybe its just one big animation and they have just cheated and have given the impression that its like other news feeds).

If you want to create something like this you are either going to have to cheat similarly (create a seperate movie for each new item, and then get the news feed to load each one as required) ..... or .... you are going to have to do a load of work to get something to that level of typographic layout that it entirely data driven.

Personally I would either just go for simpler text formatting or use pre-designed movies.

When I was working on Moonfruit.com we played about with various techniques for doing this kind of stuff .... but you will find that to make it entirely data driven, both the player and the editor have to be relatively large and complicated.... which means that you have to weigh up the user experience vs the amount of effort you want to put in to daily upkeep.