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06-07-2001, 08:14 AM
hi folks ...

I understand the way sending and loading of xml in flash works - could anyone tell me how precisely I can obtain the bunch of POSTed data to the servlet ?

I need to write the whole bunch to a .XML file through the servlet --- creating XML pages through Flash as it were ...

I know PHP to some extent - but I need the precise way of obtaining the POSTed data - so that I can assign it to a variable ...

If I would know how to do this - then PHP could simply state, with some imagination :

$POSTed_data = all the data that was sent ...
$f = fopen ("XML_file.xml", "a") ;
write ($f, "$POSTed_data") ;
close ($f) ;

Resulting in a .xml file with all the goodies in it ...
Anybody any idea to help me out with that command ?

Greets and thanks,

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