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06-07-2001, 01:02 PM
Our site http://www.summerbridgeactivities.com has trouble when we try to viewing it on an IMac. The project manager is talking about ditching flash altogther if I can't solve this problem so I depretely need your help! I'm not sure what the reason for this problem is. The site seems to call movies OK (replacing level 0 with another movie) but when you try going to another URL (one of the buttons on our page leads to another site) it gives error messages. The weird thing is that the error messages say things like can not find /summerbridge/kidmovie. Kidmovie is the name of a movie clip inside the first movie. How did the server even get this information? It is not in the HTML code. Has anyone ever had a similiar problem? I think that it is having trouble going to frames inside a movie clip when it is told to by action script. For instance when one of the buttons is pressed a popup is suppose to show with more button options (essentially a popup menu). This button does not work when the site is viewed on an IMac. The button is actually a movie with buttons inside it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP! And please don't tell me I need to go to site check because I am only getting critics about the look of the site and not any help with solving this problem. Is this an action script problem? The site works on PC's and many Mac's that aren't IMac's (including my own). We must get the site to work on IMac's because that is what the owner has in their home and if it won't work on their computer we will be in big trouble. I need to solve this today! Thanks for your help.


06-07-2001, 02:00 PM
Hey there!

The Coupons "USA Today" link locks up my browser window (Windows MSN Explorer) and Parents Guide says it's missing (need to fix these). Your animated buttons must have conflicting Action Script....you can try seperating the menu buttons...all your other buttons appear working right? As for the PDF, are you using the get url command or FScommand? I would stick with the get url if not already so the PDF will view in the browser. None the less it's not pulling up.

Other than that it looks really great! If your boss wants to Drop Flash, Good Luck getting it as nice! You can try Adobe ImageReady with Photoshop to port your Flash pages as animated GIFs with slicing. But Flash is much better. Hope I have helped! Your boss makes me want to stick a sign on his back saying "Kick ME, I'm Stupid for hating FLASH!".

Best of Luck!

06-07-2001, 02:26 PM
Thanks for checking this out. Are you using an IMac and did you try going to the Skyhawks page?

06-07-2001, 02:46 PM
Yes, I just tried the Skyhawks page (Enhanced Flash Version), Everything works perfectly. I don't have an IMAC, but I do have a powerbook at home (at work right now). I wonder if it's just your bosses IMAC? Is he running OSX by chance? Cause that would explain the errors. I just tested my Flash file on my Mac this morning before work since I created it on my PC. It works perfectly on my Powerbook (running OS 9.1) as it does on my PC's.

06-07-2001, 03:16 PM
The only trouble we have had is with the IMac. It does not have OSX on it. I'm really stumped as to why it does not work on his computer. The site works on my computer and other Macs in the office. The project manager thinks this is only because we are directly connected to the server that provides our site. You however have proved that this is not the case. THANKS! If you know of anyone that has an IMac that could check this out I would very much appreciate it! You've been a great help.

Thanks :)


06-08-2001, 10:49 AM
Does the Browser on the iMac have the flash plug-in installed?

06-08-2001, 02:40 PM
What browser is he using and did you try increasing the memory allocated to it?

06-11-2001, 08:21 AM
Sounds like his Imac has an older version of the flash plugin. Probably version 4. Try going to macromedia.com and installing the latest version of the plugin.
That should fix it.

Now, you can do 2 things, sneak onto the imac, and update the plugin, and tell your boss you fixed it, or make an actionscript inside the movie that will detect the version and prompt users that they need to update to view your movie.

Hope it helps!