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08-12-2000, 07:57 PM
My client wants this flash to be at the begining of the CD, and wants it to auto run with 4 buttons at the end of the flash. I made it autorun, and i made one button link to the site. He then wants 1 button that installs the software, 1 button to browse the CD, and one to exit the program. I'm pretty sure I got the install and browser buttons working, but could you guys post on how you might do it. I have batch and .inf files to go with the buttons, and the setup.exe is already made. Now my problem is probably the easiest, how do you exit the program?

08-12-2000, 08:35 PM
If all you need is to quit, use FS Command Quit.

Hope that helps,

08-12-2000, 08:37 PM
Here at flashkit we have rules!!please obey them.do not ask your question 3/4 times in differnt forums!!

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p.s i answered it in the actionscript forum:)