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06-11-2001, 11:16 PM
(my edit -- i meant for this to go under the thread with a zillion views -- aaagggg or something like that -- oops).

i have been having very similar problems too, but only lately. i just imported about 70 sounds (a total flash file of 18 mb) and now the crashes occur about every 3 minutes. AAUUUGH!

it seems to occur most often when the sound panel is open so i'll try the suggestions of closing unused panels/windows, etc. thanx for that tip.

also, i have about 6 scenes and 100 total frames used (i built a large survey and have added sound for individuals who cannot read). i noticed when i published this file that the report generated indicates that 3 fonts are used. two are verdana (verdana and verdana bold), but one is another font that i don't remember using. how do i find the one instance of this other font in my text laden file? i think this font could also be causing problems. TIA.

06-17-2001, 09:11 PM
You might resample those sounds and reduce the rate from 44.1khz to 32khz.(that is if the sounds weren't 32 to begin with.) you might also switch from stereo to mono, and 16 to 8 bit.
So far as the font that is giving you trouble, i can't really say. perhapes you clicked on the stage with text tool by accident and didn't write any thing. i was working on a presentation yesterday and discovered an empty text field in one of my scenes, (not that it bothered me much as this presentation is huge for other reasons.)