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06-18-2001, 06:32 AM
Right. First - sorry for being annoying and posting this, BUT (there had to be a but didn't there! ;) )

This is what I understand about XML so far:

1. It's a format for data -

<entry date="17-06-2001" title="title1" text="blah"/>
<entry date="18-06-2001" title="title2" text="more blah"/>

2. You can load it into flash like this (is that right?) -

entriesXML = newXML();

I expect there's a bit more to it than that isn't there, but anyway.

3. It formats into a text box something like:

title 1

title 2
more blah

So that aside -

I've been using PHP and mySQL under my flash pages for the back end of the sites I am developing.

So I was wondering if XML was going to make life easier for me - I know you can get PHP to parse XML - or whether I should stick to my database methods.

Or whether they are two very different things?

Sorry to be a pain and post this here, but any pointers to tut's, etc. would be appreciated.

Cheers muchly - all appreciated,


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06-18-2001, 11:12 AM

Someone has just brought my attention to Flash 5 Magic, which has an excellent tutorial on XML and complex database integration in the last chapters.

Just thought any other newbies to XML might like to know.

Fantastic Book. Happy Daze ;)