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08-14-2000, 03:30 PM
Ok I'm pretty new here and I'm not sure if I'm asking a touchie question here or not but, hey, why not start with a bang.

Is there a way to download flash animation from the web. I don't want to steel it and use it (I wouldn't even know how at this point) but simply to keep it because I like it and want to learn from it. I'm an animator and am just startin out on the web. I like the animation at RenegadeCartoons.com. I like that and would like to keep it. Stuff doesn't stay on the web forever. I like the Joe Paradise stuff but I doubt it'll be there next year.

So if its possible and isn't breaking the law could somebody help me out.


08-14-2000, 03:42 PM
You should be able to fish the .swf files (the ones that play in your browser window) out of your browser's cache. This is made easier if you clear out your cache, then type in the web address of the site you want to visit (lots less files to sift through). Storing them in a folder will allow you to play them back later anytime.
It's a lot more difficult to take apart a file like this, but there has been discussion about some ripping files over in the Coffee Lounge, etc. You'll have to search the archives.
You can also learn a lot from the over 1000 open source movies here at Flashkit.
Hope this helps, and welcome to Flashkit!

08-14-2000, 04:27 PM
Ok thanks. I'm not sure how to sift through my cache but I might be able to figure it out. I've just been making the web pages available offline so far. Now if I do this can I open and play these swf. in flash?

Sorry to be a bother.


08-14-2000, 04:41 PM
You can play the swf files in the standalone player, but usually, the movies are protected movies that you wouldn't be able to open in flash. Now, even if you were able to crack the swfs and open them in flash, you wouldn't be able to see what they did because the swf is a flattened file and does not have their layers and tweening/actionscript info that a full FLA file would have. Probably the best way to learn about animation and such is by practice and hanging around these boards asking questions. Experiment. Emulate don't imitate. And don't steal!

this concludes my rant,

ps. Welcome to the boards. I did not mean to sound curt in my message above. You'll find quite a lot of people willing to help with whatever subject around here. Stealing swfs and such is a touchy subject, though...
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08-14-2000, 04:55 PM
TwoPossums---I made a shortcut on my desktop to TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES. When I view them, I sort by LAST VIEWED and look for the whopper .swf files. I copy them to a new folder and rename them to make sense.

I'm just collecting for future playback entertainment or until the producers offer a disk of FLASH cartoons with lots of fun games and background material, credits, etc. I feel these type of CDs will be released soon, but in the mean time, I have to dredge them out of the temp folder! Sometimes I just sit and watch a few eps in a row of my favorite FLASH toons!

The only files I tear apart are the ones given in tutorials or offered by FLASHKIT members for use in the silly projects we do here.

08-14-2000, 04:57 PM
No, not in all cases, since a save as web page will only save the immediate page, and the .swf may be referenced from a different location. The browser's cache is the place where files are stored to make a page load quicker. Searching the drive where you installed your browser for the word "cache" will probably find you the proper folder.

Rich - I had the same initial response as you, but re-reading the message seems to indicate that TwoPossums is just looking to view the movies themselves, not take elements from the .fla or otherwise from the movie. I know I enjoyed being able to sort through cached .swf files, as I can not be able to be connected to the Internet constantly at home on a modem monopolizing my phone line. And like 2 said, some things aren't around forever (particularly episodic animations).
I only mentioned the rippers as they do exist, and might help someone.

It may have been a bad idea to preface your message with "I'm not sure if I'm asking a touchie question here or not but, hey, why not start with a bang.", though, because people will immediately assume you want to do something bad.

Thanks for explaining the limitations of viewing a protected movie, Rich, as I was a little thin in doing so in my last post (and perhaps too curt myself).

Like Rich says, everyone here is here to help you learn and have fun in Flash. :D

08-14-2000, 05:06 PM
Thanks guys. Breathe...breathe...ok, I'm ok now :)

You know, a whole CD of killer flash animations would rock! That's a really good idea, and the bigger sites would do wise to offer such a thing.

Hey...what's the URL to the Joe Paradise cartoons...I'd forgotten about them, but that was good stuff!


08-14-2000, 05:15 PM
Just to clear something up:

What the helpful people at flashkit are referring to is the temporary folder that Internet Explorer automatically stores all web content to, thus allowing quicker browsing the next time you visit the site (since you already have all of the pictures, movies, and sounds on your hard drive). To find this folder in IE 5.5 (probably the same in IE 5.0):

1) Open Internet Explorer.

2) Load a web page (just type about:mozilla if you don't want to wait for a page to load)

3) Select "Internet Options" from the tools menu.

4) Click on "Settings" under the Temporary Internet Files section.

5) Make note of the folder labeled "Current Location:" under the Temporary Internet Files Folder section.

Now you can navigate to the drive noted in step 5 and copy anything recently accesed over the internet (including .swf files) to another directory for storage.

Respond if you don't understand something :).

08-15-2000, 09:54 AM
kewl. I'll have to try that when I get home tonight. Sorry if I gave the impression that I was going to do something wrong with the info. I tried to avoid that as I got the impression that you guys had been down this road before.

To clairfy: I just wanna keep them to watch for my own enjoyment. I love some of these cartoons and think they are great inspiration.

Think I'm gonna have to start another thread when I get home for favorite flash animation on the web. Don't have all my bookmarks at work.

The one for joe paradise is:

This is one of my favs. Ok gang as you where. ;-)


08-15-2000, 10:56 AM
You can access their root directory! Then look for all their .swf's


View source on the html page of the .swf and get the name that way by looking at his coding!


right click on html part of the page and click properties.
This will tell you the directory it is in!

Then you retype this directory in your browser!


(another words, acess the .swf)

then got to file/save as in your browser, then it will save it!

Ha Ha

08-17-2000, 08:19 AM
Alright! It works. Thank you very much. This makes me feel much better. No I can have all my animation in one place and be able to access it at any time. Thank you very much.