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06-20-2001, 06:52 AM
Hi ;) I have some questions on Fonts, hope this is the right place to ask since it also could be a general question thread :)

- When placing a text (no graphic) in a movie with a special font...if the user does not have the font will see it with another similar in his/her computer?

- When making it a graphic does the user see it as it is even when the font is not in his/her computer?

These questions camed while testing a movie yesterday..I used a font and when trying in a second computer without that font it looked bolded and bigger. To my surprise I exported from that second computer and then when checking
again from the first computer the font was looking bolded & bigger too even having the original font installed.

So..fonts do depend on the "computer" that exports the movie & the fonts it has but if it is not graphic a second computer could see it diferent? *lol* Is this too chaotic?

;) Thank you, hope not giving a headache with my questions.



06-20-2001, 08:06 AM
Ahhh .... if you export a SWF file with text, it will embed the chracaters of the font required to view it properly.

If you have variable text boxes, you can choose which portions of the font to embed.

The final SWF file will look the same on most computers (though there might be changes depending on the Flash player and the operating system).

However, the FLA file doesn't embed the font, so if you move that from PC to PC it might not look the same.

There is a way to fix this however, which is to create an embedded font in the library and then use this font instead of one on your system.