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08-15-2000, 12:25 PM
Does anyone out there know of a way to edit the registry file directly from a flash movie?

I have the task of creating a flash advertisement that will continually pop-up when the user dials up to their ISP. The only way to disable this is to click a button from within the flash movie.

When the user clicks the button from the flash movie the registry must be modified (I think) to stop the flash movie from appearing again when the user dials-up.

We have the luxury of distributing this ad with all of the manufacturers OEM (windows) machines, so we can have files installed in "hidden" places on the machine.

All ideas are welcome. Thanks.

The Master
08-15-2000, 03:22 PM
Yes there are two ways this could be done..

A. From a web page through a ActiveX Control
B. From a executable through a projector .exe or opening in the flash player (opens .swf)

As metioned in another thread this program claims to have registry functionalty.. through a .exe command line function.. (I don't know cause I never really tested it's funtionality)
Unfortunally it costs $$.. such a program would be pretty easy to make so if know any programming at all it would be in your better intrest to make it or... request it :)

Here is where I've talked about ActiveX controls..