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07-12-2001, 06:30 PM
Anyone used SQL's new XML support? If I use the following script with a relative path... xml.load("file.xml");

parentNameX = parentXML.childNodes[2];
parentName = parentNameX.attributes.info;

childNameX = parentNameX.childNodes[1];
childName = childNameX.attributes.info;

I can get both the attribute values no prob.. but if I run it with xml.load("http://localhost/paulspitzer?SQL=select+*+from+xml+for+xml+auto"); It doesn't work? I can get it to work if I change the script to...

parentNameX = parentXML.firstChild;
parentName = parentNameX.attributes.info;

But than I can't get the childNameX attributes either way.

Any thoughts?