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07-19-2001, 08:12 PM
Hey I know this is a drag and I am really sorry...

But can anyone tell me where I can find the BBC font? Or even better something that isn't it but looks quite a lot like it?

Thanks in advance.



07-19-2001, 10:47 PM
ya got a link for us buddy? Or should we search through for "bbc" stuff? :)

What, the news site? (http://www.bbc.co.uk?)

For the logo at top, its tahoma, it would seem.
Hope it helps,

07-20-2001, 07:27 AM
The BBC identity and graphics font is the 'evil' Gill Sans which you should be able to get a copy of quite easily (most people do copies of it under a different name).

Personally its not one of my favourites (hence the 'evil' tag) but that's cos while I was studying Typography at University some of the worse designers used it for some really nasty stuff ... so it gives me the chills!

Though actually its quite nice, designed by Eric Gill.

07-20-2001, 09:58 AM
Gill Sans and tahoma are pretty darn similar, aren't they? Wow, I never realized that before. I guess either one is ok. Which university did you study typo at?

07-20-2001, 10:09 AM
Well I guess they are similar in the way most Sans Serif fonts are similar... but there are important differences ... Tahoma is more rectagular in shape ... Gill Sans is more square(i.e. geometric). Dots on eyes are different, the bracketing on the 't' is different and the 'g' is completely different (Gill has the 'g' with the two counters).

But you are right that most normal people (unlike me) wouldn't know the difference ... but then again that's why most of the web is in Times and Arial!

I studied a 4 year degree in Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading in the UK. (1990 - 1994)

07-20-2001, 03:53 PM
Based on you post, I went in and really blew up the two fonts, one on top of the other, and studied them. I take it back, they're really quite different. :)
(I didn't go to typography school, I just use verdana. :D)

07-24-2001, 12:26 PM
Thanks guys...

You sure know plenty about fonts.

Is that healthy? ;)