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08-21-2000, 12:57 PM
Hey - just wanted to float an idea here on the board.
I have some DVDs which I no longer view (either because I wasn't too fond of them, or, well, that's pretty much the reason...) good as new, and had some ideas-
Perhaps someone on the board wants to purchase them at greatly discounted prices, trade, or I could offer them as prizes for some sort of anime-related competition ;)
The two DVDs currently in question are Kite and MD Geist: Directors Cut (With 1st and 2nd movie).
Any suggestions/takers?

08-21-2000, 03:23 PM
Never saw Kite, watched M.D.Geist about a billion years ago!! "Now the fun begins!"

Did you ever see "Killer Jack"? Gawd, it was awful---a kinda cheesy rip-off of Geist, came out about a year later.

Just got my DVD player recently and picked up Lupin III. I would like to have Robot Carnival and the Macross Movie (not Robotech, not Macross Plus or Macross II, or Macross 7, or Macross: The Revenge)[/b]

08-21-2000, 03:39 PM
I'm a total anime DVD junkie. I love the fact that you can get dubbed and subbed for the same price as a single VHS casette. Plus, some of the extras are great - like character profiles, original artwork, etc.

Apparently anime is also a rapidly growing market in the American home-video industry here, and is being recognized as an influential genre. Read article here.

I can't say I've seen Killer Jack, and based on your review, I probably won't. :) I saw Robot Carnival for the first time back when Sci-Fi network was the place to go to see anime regularly. Good stuff.

I just purchased Castle of Cagliostro today. Yay Miyazaki! :D

08-21-2000, 08:19 PM
i am interested in your dvd's (CNO), um, one question, Kite is about the girl who is an assassin right? If so, how much do you want for them? And, you did say that you can watch them both ways, subbed and dubbed for both dvd's right? Until next time...