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08-22-2000, 06:29 PM
I am doing an e-book on the art of web design (FLASH)
Can you tell me what you would want to find on this book and what topics I should mostly cover?
Thx and regards

08-22-2000, 07:14 PM
Hey Parrot, sounds great.
I'd really like to see a book that discusses web design as it is today - in that it is no longer printed matter being made to fit a computer screen, but is now dynamic, wherein todays web designer needs to also be an animator, a game designer, have knowledge of interface design, etc., etc.
Flash is the perfect platform, as it encompasses many of these ideals (of course, coupled with other programs).
I am still amazed at the quality of games people are making with a language like Actionscript - hardly as robust as many of the programming languages out there.
I'd also like to see the community aspect forming around Flash touched upon (you came to the right place for that. ;)), but maybe that's just me.
Whatever you do come up with, I'd definately like to know about your progress and when the book is finished so I can give it a read. :)
Best of luck,