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09-13-2001, 09:34 AM
First off, great program, great price....

My problem however is, I can't import the finished animations into "Macromedia's Flash 5". Of course this
kills all my possibilities to use the program with
my existing Flash animations.

Is this, or will this be possible

David Lee
Blue-Lightning.Com GmbH

09-13-2001, 10:56 PM
when I asked this one, the only answer I got is why would want to?

09-13-2001, 11:49 PM
The solution to this problem is to load the 3D Flash Animator movie into your Flash movie at runtime using the "Load movie" action.

Flash cannot import action scripting from a SWF file, so you will never be able to import things like the velocity unless you load the movie at runtime.

We are currently fixing the output of 3D Flash Animator so that you can import all of the 2D and 3D graphical constructs from 3D Flash Animator into Flash - this will be in version 3.09 due in a couple of days.