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08-30-2000, 12:59 AM
i've been trying to install 3ds max 2.5 on my system but each time i do and try to run thr program it says "interactive 3d renderer initialization failed. please check your device settings by using the -H command line option"., please could anyone help me with this.
thanks in advance,

08-30-2000, 05:33 AM
well : 3dsmax is a kinetix product ( a division of discreet ) that ships for a high value of money : so the discreet people ship this program with a hardware lock called "sentinel" : and this sentinel is supposed to be connected to ur computer via the parrarel port so that 3d studio max piracy could not happen. So people : if you dont have an original version of 3dsmax : well it will be so hard to make it work . and that s it

08-30-2000, 09:44 AM
I have worked with 3d studio for many years in several professional environments. Although software piracy is immoral, un-lawful, and generally frowned upon, Kinetix has taken it's efforts to far. Their software is SO paranoid about hackers, and crackers it insists on checking for the Hardware lock all the time. This includes the time the user is working on a project. This causes slower and unstable performance. This is a characteristic many MAX users have endured. The end result of Kinetixs over protection is a product which is buggy for the paying customer, and is not crack proof. The newest release of MAX is currently floating around the illegal software world, cracked! In fact I hear the cracked version is MORE stable then the registered version. Their efforts have stopped nothing, except for maybe a few people from buying their product due to itís buggy reputation.

Maybe software prices should be brought to a reasonable level. This would entice the talented artists and graphics developers to purchase the product so they could learn industry standard software before applying for a job. This would, in the long term, provide more revenue for Kinetix. If every kid who likes computer graphics gets hooked on 3d Studio, they will persuade their employer in buying the product they are most productive with.

Or maybe I am the only one who thinks software is over priced.