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08-30-2000, 11:22 AM
Hi there,

I've just installed Swift 3D, and i'm trying to
import an assembly of head, arms, legs and acessories of
an Alien made with the 3D Max, but these parts apears on
Swift screen all out of place, not corresponding whit
the original on Max. I'm trying to transform this character
into a cartoon version.
What could I do ? Thanks a lot for who could help!

08-30-2000, 12:55 PM
Sounds strange, as I have worked with a variety of characters (as single meshes or collections of parts) with MAX/Swift - no problems. Can you zip you MAX scene and send it to me? I'll take a look at it.


08-30-2000, 02:30 PM
Ok, I zipped the file (the alien), it took 1,1 Mb of size.
How I send it to you ?

08-30-2000, 02:56 PM
Do you have a web site where you can place it? I can download it from there.


08-30-2000, 05:14 PM
Ok, the alien is on http://www.geocities.com/javatchutchu/3d/alien.zip
for download.

08-30-2000, 05:39 PM
I have a few client request to take care of. I'll try to look at it this weekend.


08-31-2000, 08:22 AM
Ok, Jim, no hurry! I'm already thankful for the help!

09-01-2000, 11:42 AM
I have been in touch with erain about this problem ever since the first release showed it. they kindly got their main programmerto look it over and then mailed me a month or so later with the news that now my scene would not be "quaked" (my term feel free to use it for this all too common fault)with the newest build installed.
unfortunately this was wishful thinking on their part, as you have noticed an imported .3ds still exhibits the "quaked " phenomenon present in all earlier builds.
I sugest mailing erain about this as I have endlessly... do we really want to pay the upgrade fee (to v2) just to have this bane removed?