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12-05-2001, 10:30 AM
John Sampson (Jnr - as Jezza will point out! :D)


Bob The Snail and Magellin the Old Bit of BlueTack that sits forever on the side of my left boot :D
Update: Magellin has sadly pased on the the other world - that is to say he fell off when I was walking to work and was buggered if I was gonna bend down and pick up a sliver of BluTack

Where based:
Nelson, Lancashire, North of England

Describe yourself in 5 or so words:
Is that Really Human?

Favourite cliché/quote/phrase:

Origin: Douglas Adams
The thing I like about deadlines, is the WOOSHING noise they make as they go zipping past

Favourite Website/s:
StudioWhiz (http://www.studiowhiz.com)
Aston Villa Online (http://www.avfc.co.uk)
K10K - The designers lunchbox (http://www.k10k.net)

Favourite Cocktail:
After Eight:
3rd Creme de Methe
3rd Creme de Cacao
3rd Bailys
Layered in a shooter glass - tastes 100% like an after dinner mint ;)

What has been your worst accident:
50Mph down Pendle Hill, hit a rock, smashed a £3000 Carerra Kraken Mountain Bike :(
Sort twisted my ankle and had to walk 5 miles home with a bent bike but I hurt mainly my pride and my insurance noclaims!
Most embarrassing moment:
Being Handcuffed to a Lamp-post stark butt naked on my 16th

Why do you volunteer your time as a Moderator:
The feeling of giving back something to a community that has helped you so much.
and as David P says: The POWER! MUAHAHAHAHA :D

Thoughts to advance the profession:
Think about the users - dont just do a site because it looks pretty - I see too many site that have a wonderful design but are totally unusable.

And please try not to copy sites - try to think of your own designs yeah :)
Blurb: (write anything you like here!)
I'm not a designer, I havent been a designer, I wouldnt mind beng a designer - but right now- I am a Network Support Technician! :)
So anything else???:
Nah not really - Im about as much use a dead fish in a pool of Carbolic Acid, I cant spell, my Grammer is awful and I have no life.
But I am getting amrried though!
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01-24-2002, 11:57 AM
And just to add - the frst HUMAN member to rech the magic 10,000 post mark :)

01-25-2002, 09:58 AM
and the first human with a giant red spider in his eye