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03-09-2000, 12:09 PM
I have created a sort of dj loop room and am using multiple loops. However, when I try to a loop I can't seem to be able to stop another loop and the therefore the two loops play over each other. Plus when I try to stop one loop, it stops them all.The buttons for these loops are all on the same layer, is that the problem.
If not, then could someone help on this topic that has being bugging me for days!!

03-12-2000, 03:32 AM
Hey I am having the same problem under close circumstances. I have three music segments. A fade in, a loop, and a fade out. The music fades in and continues to loop until the button is pressed, that changes the variable and once it gets to the end of the loop it continues through to the fade out. The problem is that the start of the loop sounds like there are two loops playing at the start. I even put an empty space in front of it and started the playhead there, but that creates an extra long silent moment. Any insight would be appreciated.

03-13-2000, 03:26 AM

First i would make a layer for every loop

Like Tracks on a recorder.
Layer1 (LOOP1)Fade in
Layer2 (LOOP2)main
Layer3 (Loop3)Fade out

Then Make buttons for them...
And just experiment till you get it.

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Pope de Flash
03-13-2000, 10:50 AM
You can use the Stop all sound command and then call the new loop. that will stop the first loop and start the new one in one action: The code will look like this:

On (Press)
Stop All Sounds
Begin Tell Target ("musicclip")
Go to and Play (2)
End Tell Target
End On

each of your sound loops should be a seperate "movie clip" with two frames the first blank with a stop action and the second has the music in it that loops lets say 100,000 times. Regards, Bill

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