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03-24-2000, 03:49 AM
Sometimes I get so mad with audio in Flash. Like the sound looping problem that happens to me a lot. It's just now accurate and responsive enough. Any suggestions?


03-24-2000, 04:34 AM

I can tell you that The sound enviroment in flash is Ok.

But at least it has something which is better then nothing.

Alot of it is Planning ahead of time.

Event plays a sound seperate from the time line.Even after the playhead has stoped the sound keeps playing.
Start is like Event except it will not overlap like Event sounds but it will get choped off.

Streaming is suppose to sync up to the time line.

I hope in the future macromedia will make a better syncing environment.

I wounder if they have ever heard of SMPTE Time code?

with Flash
i have read that it is sometimes better to make a seperate .swf just for the audio.

That way you can have a little better control
over the audio.

Here is something i have done

take the Loop and look at how many seconds long it is.
example 4.1sec
Now if you had the Frame Rate at 12fps
48frames would have to play to get one whole 4.1sec loop in.

So if you wanted the Loop song to play 8 times you would need about 386 frames to get it to sync up close.
That is not perfect but it works.

If you want the Loop song just to play in the back ground Event is great.

If you want a sync use stream.

By no means am i a pro at this but soon i hope too figure out some good tricks.

Hope that helps!

Take care.

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