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03-25-2000, 06:49 AM
hello everybody!! :)
well.. i figured out how to change MP3s to WAVS.. using WINAMP's plugin.. but i have a few MIDI files that i may wish to shove into some of my flash files.. does anyone know how to convert a MIDI file into a WAV? or any good programs to edit WAVS so that i can loop certain parts of a song? thankyou!!! :) hehe..

03-25-2000, 10:14 AM
I heard a long time ago about some program that took midi information and created a wav file out of it.
Don't remember what it was called.

Try... http://hotfiles.zdnet.com/cgi-bin/texis/swlib/hotfiles/search.html

Hope you find it... ;)
Oh and type in the search box: midi

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03-25-2000, 08:29 PM
maaaaate.. :) thanx jydnas.. :) ur my hero. :) hehehe. goodluck with ur flash mate