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03-30-2000, 10:04 PM
Flash Kit Has a Great Tutorial on Sound/audio in Flash in the Basic Tutorial section.
I suggest you take some time and read it.
Import the .wav file into your Library
Look at how long it is.
Say the .wav is 3.0 seconds long
and the frame rate is 12fps
it would take 36 frames to play the whole loop set to stream.
Event:Plays the song seperate from the time line.
Even after the play head has stoped or reached the last frame in your movie/animation the song/loop keeps playing.
That is good if you want some music to loop over and over in the back ground.
I tend to use Event for a short sound effect on buttons, like a click.

Now if you use Event on a looped sound/song and you start the movie/animation over the song/loop will start to over lap.

Start: will not over lap and will continue to keep playing even after the play head has stoped in the time line.

Stream: syncs the song/loop to the time line.
If you start the movie over you will notice that when the play head reaches the keyframe with the song/loop it start over again.

Stop: Stops the sound.

If you need an example i will see about putting one up in the movie section and in the tutorial section so you can experiment with it.

Hope this give you an idea of how it works.
Jeff A.

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