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03-18-2000, 05:11 PM
I have some questions to ask:

1. Why cant we use MP3 in its original format instead of converting to wav.? Lets say import as MP3...Ive read somewhere that wav is like 50x larger or something then MP3-Since MP3 is smaller in size seems like it would make it a perfect candidate? Tools like winamp download and play these MP3's in seconds in high quality stereo sound, why cant this be done in flash?

Also how do i change setting in publish to play stereo instead of mono for this mp3? I tried overriding output already but seems with mp3 the stereo box is checked and greyed meaning...? its already stereo? What is the proper settings for output too.. 16 18 etc

Im also told that NS will have winamp installed to play MP3 online i wonder if they are to do the same for IE6? This would be perfect that the browser would actually trigger load and play say an MP3 background auto then other smaller waves could be played via streaming or timeline movie clips?
Ok nuffo that. Now on to my real question.. I have a monster mp3 converted to wav thats over 6 min long.. that i would like to play in the background possibly looping twice or so.. I have it set to stream but it stops loading about 1/3 of the way through and i dont know why? Is there a limit to stream length that im unaware of?

Sometimes it loads and sometimes it doesnt even with refresh and clear cache it wont load fresh When i play it locally it works fine. It just fails to stream online. I at first thought this was due to the fact the the image frames werent as long as the audio frames as far as layers are concerned and i fixed that problem now both are equal but still no go..
in this case the movie is 50x50 blank square with the wav streaming... swf is embedded into NEt Objects. Is this a server issue or a configuration issue any suggestions would be appreciated

Heres the URL http://www.domin8air.com/trc/index.html

Ps. buttons on this page wont work till streaming is done do to actions set within NET Objects ( when page loads-> set image)
for rollovers.. As a side note any Net Objects users know a workaround for this problem? Is there another custom message that will load/set the images even before the stream is done? Ive tried custom messages
Page Loading, Page Entered, Background shown etc etc to no avail.. nothing that requires the page loaded message will load when a stream is in progress.. If you can solve this one i would be most appreciative...


03-19-2000, 07:09 AM
I agree that Flash should have import Mp3
That way no one would have to convert back to .wav

Flash 4 does not in my opinion have that great of a sound authoring setup.

But a least it has something.

In the Frame Properities select Sound
You will see

In the sync box there is 4 settings

Now Event Plays the sound at the KeyFrame that you have put the sound in and will keep playing even after the movie has stoped or reached the last frame of the movie.

Let your movie loop a couple of times and you will find that the sound or song will start to overlap every time the play head hits that key frame.
Which is not good.

Event is good for Short sounds like a sound effect for a button like a click.

Start is like Event but will not overlap the sound or song every time the play head reaches the key frame with the sound or song.

Stream is great for the web in that as soon the first bits of information are downloaded the sound starts.The whole sound file does not need to be downloaded to be heard.

Go to The Help File that comes with Flash And Read that.

In the Publish Settings select Flash
Set Audio Stream to 128Kbps
Uncheck the box Convert Stereo to Mono
In the Quality box choose BEST

That should give you great streamed audio.

I suspect that the Play Head is getting ahead of the streamed song and is causing only 1/3 to play.
That might be 1 reason

The other is that Streamed media eats up bandwidth

That could be the other reason it stops.

On a busy day on the Web things get really slow

There have been days where it takes for ever to get 10K to download then other time its so fast it's great.

You could preload the whole .swf and set the song to start and make it loop.

Just experiment.

I use Loops that are only about 3- 5 seconds long so i have not used any thing that long.

Well hope that helps a little?
Im by no means am i a pro at this.

If you want e-mail me and we can chat some more on this.

P.S i got a Flash book and i can post what it says about streaming audio.


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04-01-2000, 10:21 PM
Have you ever gotten a wav file that jumped and skipped, or an mp3 like that?

Its because of the compuression

All the wav when made into swf are formatted to mp3, that's why your Fla might be 40MB and your SWF - 850k If you put it an MP3 and flash compressed it, it would sould like crap just like those broken wavs that i recently talked about.