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12-28-2001, 06:56 PM

Mods I would like to see added.

1. ability to pre load a swf file within a swf file without running it first time around.

2. ability to create arrays of paint elements etc... so as to be able to create rain, snow etc....

3. ability to load a swf file at specified co-ordinates or inside a frame so as to not have to leave blank spaces inside to be loaded swf files.

4. ability to set the swf file at fullscreen -- without pressing ctrl-F.

5. ability to save variables to a text file when running swf files locally (used for save games).

6. bytes loaded for more effective loading bars.


12-29-2001, 02:14 AM
..........bytes loaded would be nice(very nice)..........

I would like to see improvements in general to the art tools as well:

1. a pencil, brush, etc. with variable line widths(and no floating points).....

2. A way to turn off the points(makes it hard to create something when all you see is a multitude of dots).......

3. A bucket fill( that works on something other than 'current shape')........

4. An eraser(for people like me, who make mistakes).......

I realize that just about all of these are there in the current form, but they are not very intuitive, and leave me feeling most of the time as if I'm working around a piece rather than working on it.

On another note..........

Is there anyway to incorporate motion guides? It is really the only thing I ever open Flash for at all. If you guys could get some motion guides going, I could un-install Flash 5, and clear up (much needed)space on my hard drive.............

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12-29-2001, 07:36 AM
I agree - flash 5/6 does motion guides well but is not worth the 50-odd mb it takes up - motion guide would be a nice addition to the program.
Also on a sidenote i have 3DFA 3.3 thats been modified for distribution for future publishing - am i still eligable for free upgrades?