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04-05-2000, 08:41 AM
Ok. Say you have a preloader, with the usual mc and messages saying "loading" or whatever.
In this preloader i have included a small loop, which i want to fade in at start, and when the main movie is fully loaded, y want it to fade out while the preloader fades ..

I tried to set the "fade in" on "start" event, and then adding "fade out" on "event", but my sound will only take the last of them.
I also tried to stop the sound and try a fade out in the very next frame .. but there is a noticiable 'jump' ...

How do i go to do it?

Thanx in advance

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04-10-2000, 02:04 AM
In your Preloader MC or Scene
make a layer called (audio).
Now click on the first keyframe.
click the sound tab
add the audio(song)
Now set the Sync to: START
Loop it X (16) amount of times
In the Effects Box Pick: FadeIN
Now in the Wave Form window that contains the audio WaveForm
use the scroll bar and go to the last loop.
It will look Gray.

Manually add a FadeOUT by addind a Boxdot
where you want it to start to fade and then add another Boxdot at the end of the last loop and drag it to the bottom of the Wave Form Window.

This will Fade the Loop and play it how ever many times you have chosen and then fadeout.

Like fade in 1, play 14 times,on the 16th time fadeout.

You will have to experiment with it as far as the timing goes.
Because you want it to fade when the preloader is done.

One other thing...why not make your Preloader an scene?

Like scene1 (Preloader)
scene2 (MainMovie)

I hope this helps you a little...

have a good one....
Jeff A. aka jydnas

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