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04-17-2000, 05:47 PM
I accidently posted this in general help. Looks like this is the right place for this question:

I've got an interface where all of the action stops at frame 80. However, I want my music loop to continue.
I solved that problem by creating a movie clip symbol with the sound file in it and then moved it onto frame 1 of the interface.

Now here's where I ran into complications. I wanted to create a "no music" icon, so I made a button and attached a "stop all sounds" action to it. And sure enough, it does just that --- for about 15 seconds. Then the music starts playing again.

I don't exactly know how to procede, or where I went wrong. Can someone help me dig myself out of this mess?


04-18-2000, 08:35 AM

open up your movie clip and edit it.

make a layer called actions and in key frame 1 put a stop action in it

now make a layer called music.
put a key frame in frame 2
put the music in keyframe 2.

now in your on music button

Telltarget music
to go to frame 2 and play

in the off button
telltarget music stop all sounds

that should do the trick

Hope this is what you wanted to know. :)

Take care...

Regards Jeff A.

04-18-2000, 04:10 PM
That seems like a more definitive way of stopping it. I hit upon the tell target with a "stop" action instead of a "stop all sounds" action. That seems to work, but I think now that I'll redo everything with your suggestion. Thanks!!!!