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04-08-2000, 06:08 PM
OK, I'm slighty more experienced that a newbie, but not nearly a flash-pert. Looking forward to what ther gurus here have to say. Here's my problem:

I want to have a background sound that I can end at a definite point. I can't create a specific length audio file, because part of the time I want it to play is during a loading interval, and that time can obvioudly vary. I've tried looping the sound in the original flash, but then I can't get it to turn off at the point I need it to.

Then I tried the trick of creating a second flash doc with the sound only then loading and unloading it at the points where I want it. It DOES turn off at the right spot, but I can't get it to start that way at the point where I want it to. It will start LOADING the movie/sound there, but not PLAYING it.

Is there a way I can pause the main movie long enough to give the external flash movie/sound time to load and then start the main movie up when the external one is loaded? Or am I missing something simple that will let me play a sound from within a flash movie that's looped to 999 but ends at a specific point...

Hope this makes some bit of since. I've been on this problem about 4 hours now and I'm a bit punchy.

Thanks folks!
Nathan in Birmingham

04-08-2000, 08:44 PM
Did you try this
make a movie clip and put the loop/music in it.

This way you can control it with Tell Target.

It is hard to give just one answer because there are many possibilites.

04-09-2000, 10:15 PM
Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me how exactly to use Tell Target to start/stop a preloaded movie at definite points? Is there an existing tutorial that can show me how to do this??

Nathan in Birmingham

04-10-2000, 01:40 AM
Hey how's it goin?

1.make MC's(movie clips) with just the audio.

Hit F1 and read all the help files that talk about movie clips,Tell Target,and controlling other movies.

Now you should think about buying a book on Flash 4

Now start up Flash,
hit Insert, then New Symbol
Name it audiotrack1 and set the behavior
to Movie Clip.

Now click on the First key frame of the Movie Clip.
Add the audio loop/song.
Now you have a movie clip with just audio.
Go back to the main scene.

Open up the Library.

You will see the MC in your scenes library.
Make a new layer called audiotrack1
Drop that onto the scene stage.
Make sure it's in the movie in that layer.

Right click on the MC and give it an Instance Name (track1)

Now you can control it with Tell Target.
You will be able to play it from other MC's and of course the Main time line.


Here is some thing else you might fine interesting.

make a layer called audiotrack1 in your main scene not a MC!!
click on the first Keyframe.
In the Frame Properties click on the Sounds Tab.
Add your song/loop.

Now Set it to Sync: START
And LOOP it 16 times

OK here is the cool thing
Use the Scroll bar and go to the last loop of the song which would be the 16th spot in the Waveform Window. It will look Gray.
Add a block where you want it to start the Fade out.
Now add another block at the end.
Drag the Last Block to the bottem of the window.

This will produce a Fade out after the Looped audio(song) has played 16 times.

You can also do this with the Movie clips that just contain the audio(song).

Well that's about it.
Im sure you can figure it out from here.

Just experiment and if you get stuck let me know by posting another message here and i'll try to help out.

Jeff A. aka jydnas

04-10-2000, 11:18 PM
Thanks for your reply Jeff. Still having trouble here though.

I created the movie clip with just the sound and dropped it in its own layer and gave it an instance name.

I then made another layer to serve as control locations for the bgsounds. I went to the keyframe I want the sounds to be in and set the Tell Target action telling the movie clip to play (looks like Begin... Play... End). I then went to the frame where I want the music to stop and used the tell target action to tell the movie clip to stop (looks like Begin... stop... end).

Problem is that the movie clip starts to play in whatever frame I place it in regardless of the tell target commands. It also does not stop at the frame where I tell it to stop. It seems to ignore the tell target commands although I'm clearly referencing the instance of the movie clip that I set.

I don't get it. Am I missing something??


04-24-2000, 11:14 AM
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