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05-07-2000, 07:39 PM
I am haveing trouble getting my small movie to export. When I play the music within flash it sound fine but when I export or publish it..it sounds horrible.... I have tried using all of the settings. It is a wav file that I imported in and is at 44khz, stero and 16 bit when I import it....
.....any ideas????

05-08-2000, 01:21 AM
That sounds odd.

open it up in Flash
now click on Publish Settings
select Mp3 128kbps
Test it out
How does it sound Now?

05-08-2000, 02:05 AM
Thanks for the help......I tried that but it still sounds the same. Its almost like it playes every byte twice and mixes it....really messes up the sound. But like I said earlyer.... It sounds perfect inside of Flash and inside of Winap or Windows media player...but just gets all messed up when I export through flash. I even tried re-installing flash...nothing????????

I also tried what you said...both mono and stereo.......same thing

05-09-2000, 05:08 PM
I figured it out....I needed to have the music start on "start" rather than on "event" because it was starting tons of instances of the music!!

Thanks for your help