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01-15-2002, 11:58 AM
I thank for any commentary on the matter:

This test tries to mix animations to create games or interactive comics strips, but really I dont know if there is some way to detect collision in frame specific of an animation with respect to frame of another animation. (i.e) Frame 45 Animation #1 Collides with Frame 32 Animation #2.
The Frames animation are inside of Layers.

There is some way of which the Loading movie is not including within the Main Movie. this way it would avoid to increase the size of the file. It is to say to include it in the Server, but when main movie was loaded , this one activates.

Size of the file with the Standard Sample (Please Wait) as Loading Movie. 929K
Size of the File with Animated GIF as Loading Movie. 1.12 MB
Thanks in advance!