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05-10-2000, 08:18 PM
hello people =) Im a musician of the electronic sort, check out my music at http://www.peoplesound.com/artist/dafluxtah

Theres so many cool shareware softsynths and editors available on the web. Check out http://www.goldwave.com beats spending tons of cash on sonic foundrys sound forge, even though soundforge boasts advanced editing functions including directX fx plug ins I think for $50 on goldwave is a cool price to pay for very comprehensive wave editing software, dont let me tell you check out its features =) Sonic foundry ACID PRO is an exelent peice of loop based sequencer software, compared to cubase , acid would be the quiker method of getting your own music fast, as long as your loops you cut up correctly ACID will auto time stretch them to project tempo =) I use goldwave to internally sample my other soft synths via my fully duplex sound card. saves messing with leads. My advice to people who want there own songs is, goto www.synthzone.com (http://www.synthzone.com) and start there. you need a sequencer (ACID, CUBASE, LOGIC, etc), any program that makes a sound(rebirth,rubberduck,ts-404), and a good audio editing tool like goldwave or sound forge. Ok any questions, Im fluxxy and I make music and sounds.

05-11-2000, 12:18 AM
Thanks for join up.

I have been a musician for 14 years.
I play Bass,Keyboards,Guitar,and a little drums.
I uses drum machines now a days.

What i did was make 20 loops up and sent them in to Flash Kit
Now i get 100- 180 hits on my site a week.
So make up some loops and send um in.
It worked for me.
It will work for you!
Now all the Flash resource sites want my music.

Give something to the Internet and it will pay you back 7 fold :D

05-23-2000, 03:59 AM
Wow cool jydnas, 9 yrs experience here, yep ill put those loops up =) I play guitar, bongos and synth, Ill try to play almost anything! anyway thanks for all the cool info you leave here jydnas, ive picked up plenty of usefull tips from you postings =) Im making a ton of sounds for flashkit, some totally unique ones, i sent the some plain ones without sfx the otherday Im just working on some special custom made ones now specialy for flash kit, cant wait to hear people use them! itll be great =) oh well I got to go to my day job now =(, cant wait to get back to flash!!!