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09-23-2000, 11:35 PM
As promised;


I didn't spend a great deal of time on it but its there.

the web editor featured in it is Amayou and is available at:


for free.

-You may need to cut and paste the Address.

09-24-2000, 12:08 AM
A side note is that you will have to hit Synchronize in Amayou to get back it into the WYSWIG section of the editor.

In Front Page98 or higher you just hit the HTML tab to view source.

If you are using Note Pad (or a Non-WYSWIG editor) to design web pages then just cut and paste between the two instances of note pad- but then if you are that skilled you probably didn't need the tutorial.

In Star Office you will have to cut and paste in notepad then save with "[Name].html".

that's about it.

If the tutorial doesn't download right the first time hit refresh.

If you are using Geo****ies then you must have HTML refrence your SWF or it won't load it, thats why the other posts didn't work. They want to add their banner to everything and they are combating porn posting. Also if an object is refrenced off of something other than an URL then it will time out- again their ant-porn crusade.

09-24-2000, 01:40 PM
Hi johnie.

You had mentioned saving with Frontpage as .html - my question is what is the difference (if any) between saving as that, and .htm ?

For some reason my Frontpage 2000 only likes to save as .htm

09-24-2000, 01:55 PM
there is no real diffrence.

09-24-2000, 02:00 PM
Well that's good to know. THANKS !

09-24-2000, 02:00 PM
Nice Johnie!


ps. like the background music

09-24-2000, 03:36 PM
I got it from Flashkit.