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04-16-2002, 12:30 PM
I saw your site and you seem to know a lot about math.. or at least a lot more than me. I'm trying to draw a spiral with math. It exists out of bend lines which benb more as they get closer to the edge of the movie .. any idea how I can draw bend lines, and how to copy/repeat them into a spiral shape? (like the ones on your site, only the dots would be bend lines)

I tryed some stuff, but nothing works :(

04-16-2002, 09:04 PM
Is this what you want?

I can't post the .fla. if you want it, email me at neurotion@hotmail.com.

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04-17-2002, 08:48 AM
could be me ofcourse.. but to me the swf is kinda white... Is it a flash MX movie?? I think I still have the old player....

04-19-2002, 09:23 AM
pretty close to what I want. I'll mail you, looks kewl btw

05-08-2002, 06:26 AM
Hi there,

Sorry, I haven't been here for a couple of days.

U still want a spiral??


05-08-2002, 08:31 AM
yeah, if you coud explain it or send me the fla I would be a happy person

Ed Mack
05-09-2002, 06:10 PM
What sort of spiral? One where it is evenly spaced out the whole way, or one that gets bigger as it goes along?

05-16-2002, 08:53 AM
Have had DNS probs for a while so sorry for the late reply, it has to be one evenly spaced out the whole way.