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09-29-2000, 03:48 PM
I imported a 35-minute .wav file, when I try to save the movie I get a buffer overrun message... I don't suppose there's any way around this?

09-29-2000, 03:56 PM
Wow, 35 min, be kind to all the little people with slow modems. Try looping the sound if it sounds similiar overall, or try compressing it. Right now KoolMoves is limited in size to about half a mb I believe for exporting to web so....


09-29-2000, 04:08 PM
30 minuites?

Split the sound file into chunks and import the smaller chunks.

On the last frame of each of the Kool Moves movies make sure you add the get url action by hiting Movie>sounds and actions. This is what most Flash designers do unless they are designing just for Broadband.

09-29-2000, 09:23 PM
OK, thanks.

But I thought Kool Moves made streaming media... from the user's point of view, the LENGTH shouldn't matter, right? Because the first part starts playing while it's still fetching the hinder parts. Anyway that's what I thought.

Actually what I am trying to do, and it appears to be impossible, is just have a streaming version of a powerpoint presentation... just audio and some graphics that change from time to time.

Yeah I know it sounds dull but that is my job. You'd think that that would be easy to do something simple like that, but I haven't been able to. I come closest with Windows Media Author, and the files play fine when I access them from my machine, but not from anyone else's. And no it's not a color depth problem

I'm going nuts with this.

Anyway thanks for caring...

09-30-2000, 01:03 AM
You could;

1. split the WAV and animation as described above

2. Download the newest versions of MS Media tools. You'll find that the new tools are better suited than the old.

3. String together the animation in SWF and play the wav in regular DHTML.

Kool Moves creates SWF files and frames for streaming media- so you are correct in that assumption- the problem is that you are trying to use the SWF format for something it was not designed to do very well. The stringing method will work-

Go to http://www.wildbrain.com and select dialup version and you'll see what we mean by strining SWF's together.