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10-02-2000, 10:18 AM
Hi everyone.
I've got a couple of questions so please bare with me:
I'm a relative newbie to C++ (have java experience) and I'm trying to use Bloodshed's Dev C++ compiler/editor.
Is there a problem using this with the flash SDK? I've tried to compile several of the example .cpp (HFExampleCircle.cpp) files and come up with errors like:

D:\TEMP\ccXqaaaa.o(.text+0x45):hfexam~1.cpp: undefined reference to `HFMovie::HFMovie(void)'
D:\TEMP\ccXqaaaa.o(.text+0x62):hfexam~1.cpp: undefined reference to `HFMovie::~HFMovie(void)'
D:\TEMP\ccXqaaaa.o(.text+0xec):hfexam~1.cpp: undefined reference to `HFCircle::HFCircle(int, int, int)'

it doesnt indicate any syntax errors, but lists a lot of these.. and this is after I referenced all the necessary includes to the compiler.

Basically, I've not been able to compile anything using Dev C++, is the SDK strictly Visual C++??

the whole point of getting into C++ is because I need to build a small application that takes a single frame swf file (that simply contains a traced bitmap) reads the color of each of the shapes and prints the hex number in the center of each shape, and outputs the whole thing as a modified swf, still readable in flash (or any other vector program).

I've come to understand that the SDK only allows export and not import of swf's, but that the parser at http://www.openswf.org/swfparse.cpp may be modified to read swf files... but I cant compile the parser as yet due to the initial problem I stated...:-(

also, it seems that flash assigns an ID number to each shape created in a swf so it can be accessed later. i'd assume that if I could simply access a list of the IDs in the swf file, I could systematically access their colors information and write the hex number. Is this something I can do with the parser?

Can someone give me an idea how I would parse a swf file, and then rebuild it from the parsed info?

I know this has been a lot, but i really appreciate the help.

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