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04-09-2000, 12:45 AM
I am planning to make a CD resume utilizing Flash. (I will be recycling my new homepage and will use that as the main interface for my CD) I was wondering what I would need to do to make my CD readable on both Win and Mac? How should I burn it and how should I publish my Flash file for the Mac? Can someone give me some pointers regarding this matter? Thanks a bunch! :)

Pope de Flash
04-09-2000, 05:30 PM
just publish a projector for both the Win and Mac. Regards, Bill

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04-09-2000, 05:43 PM
Thanks for answering Pope de Flash, but what I also wanted to know was how the burning process will take place. Then I discovered in my burner program's help file that I would need a HFS formattted hard drive to burn a hybrid CD like this... so too bad for me then I guess :) Thanks for the help though.