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04-14-2000, 11:45 AM
You guys are my last hope.

Does anyone here have any experience writing scriptlets for Fireworks 3? I'm trying to write a scriptlet for batching of SWF's...

I can't seem to gain access to info on the export special command in fireworks in any of the batch.js files for fireworks.

Am i missing something? Or is this just not possible with Fireworks?

I need to create a couple hundred swfs, and I use a mac. (so no swift generator for me)

Any ideas?

Could illustrators flash writer be batched? Could freehand batch raster images to swf?

(these are all jpgs that need to be converted)

Pope de Flash
04-14-2000, 01:46 PM
Just spoke with a buddy of mine who says you should be able to do it with apple script. Using Apple script you can make programs do what you tell them to do. I have never used it. I work on pc's most of the time. The other option I was thinking of was Debabilizer. I don't know if you can save out to the swf with it or not but those are your two best solutions I could find. Regards, Bill

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