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04-20-2000, 06:56 PM
Hi, I'm building my first projector for CD distribution.

The Projector is turning out to be around 1.5 Meg, do I need to make a pre-load loop, before the movie starts?? Or doen't it really matter with projectors.

Also, i set the FS command to full sceen, and false for the scale, as I don't want the movie to enlarge. However some of my images are still going out side the movie frame. i.e. the movie is 640x480, but when my images animate, i can still see them out side that movie, as the monitor resolution is far bigger.

Is there a way to have a boarder for the movie??

Any help would be great..


Pope de Flash
04-21-2000, 10:19 AM
No you dont need a preloader for a projector file. Its just going to start the exe and run. For your other problems I would suggest that you spend the $99 on jugglar it will set the movie boarder so it cant be resized. I will also make it so you dont have to have the frame around the stage that says Flash. You can find it at www.***********.com (http://www.***********.com) hope this helps you out. Regards, Bill

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