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05-02-2000, 10:29 PM
In reality, you have to realize that these flash files need some type of application to run it indepently. It's the only way. For the value, 300k can be added any day :D

05-03-2000, 12:28 AM
i am wondering if there is any workaround to the fact that 300k that is being added everytime i make my flash file into a projector.

is there any way to control what is added to the file when it is published as a projector?

Pope de Flash
05-03-2000, 07:12 PM
I don't know how often you make standalone projects. But if your interested using jugglar by ***********.com will decrease the file size a bit. You will gain anywhere from 35 to 65 k. I use it all the time. I hope this helps. Regards, Bill

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