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05-17-2000, 02:47 PM

it's totally possible though it wouldn't seem like a standalone application in the same way a director file does when you make it into a projector for use on a CDROM.

why does your client want it launched in a browser? is there a particular reason for doing it that way?
how does your client intend to use the cd?
i ask only because there are many approaches to this.

give me some details and maybe i can help

05-18-2000, 12:26 AM
I'm working on a project where a client wants me to produce an Interactive CDROM using flash. They want to use a web browser to navigate through the content, so they can access online information seamlessly between the CD and the Internet. Can this be done and if so how?

Thank you so much for you time.

Pope de Flash
05-18-2000, 10:04 AM
I've done both and I like the standalone best. It just looks better. However if you want to make a product that would play on both the PC and Mac the browser would be an easier way out. If you go the browser venue you will be limited in what you can do with things like video etc. Who is your target audiance and what platform are you wanting to take this to? Once you have that figured out it gets easier to do. The build out is going to be the same either way, unless you start to use 3rd party tools like jugglor, JAVI, SwiffCanvas etc. If you have any more questions feel free to email me. Regards, Bill

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