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05-16-2000, 11:31 PM
I hope someone can help me out here. I am creating an interactive CD for a client using the projector. My first question, is how do i get the darned thing to auto-run when it is inserted into the CD-ROM drive of a machine? My second question, is the movie contains a TON of images on it. Is there any way that i can mass-insert images into the movie, but have it only load maybe 20 pictures at a time? or make it so that at any one time you have 20 pictures open, and when you advance to the next picture, it unloads the first in line, and loads the last in line at the same time so there is no problem with any "bogging"? My main concern, is that the projector with images will most likely take up every bit of a 650mb CD-R, and i am afraid that if i just let the CD run as normal, it will bog down their machine. I just don't know how to keep the "open file size" down enough so that my clients computer doesn't freeze up. I hope that made sense to someone, cause i have a week to give him a burned master, and im lost. Pope, i'm sure you can help me with this, and if anyone can, PLEASE Email me directly at:


I need this fixed fast. This is the first time i have ever had to deal with this size of projector file.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Best Regards,

John Ward

Pope de Flash
05-18-2000, 10:17 AM
The auto run is easy its here in the tutorial section of the site for projectors. or you can find it at www.flashlite.net (http://www.flashlite.net)

Now the second I would make a two controler movies that the buttons would talk to and it would load the swf's into the main movie. the buttons would just tell the movie to goto next frame and also have a if statement to keep the frames of the control movies lined up. This will make the file loaded only the tiny little files that are live!d If you need more help I will try to put together a little example for you. email me if you run into problems, Regards, Bill

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