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05-02-2000, 11:54 AM
Hello there I'm new to the 3d world but not looking to be a guru at it. I'm a graphic/web designer and I saw this program Vecta 3D and wanted to use it with flash but the one I bought doesn't do any thing but extrude the shapes I import. What am I to do to get some real 3D forms and motion.
I hope it doesn't sound to stupit and thank you much for your reply.

Pope de Flash
05-04-2000, 01:39 AM
Your going to have to get another 3D package to make your models in. You wont be able to do animation unless you have a series of models saved out of your 3d package. If you have the cash I would can vecta and buy Swift 3D You can do limited modeling but you can do drop and drag animation of the models you import and you can bring in the 3D studio max file with its lights, materials, animation, etc, as long as you have 3D Studio Max. Sorry you made a bad choice. Regards, Bill

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