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05-10-2000, 10:07 PM
i'm a beginer to this. i wish to know after i have done a simple 3D graphic in 3D SMAX
how i can export out and import from flash ?? on the bord i have read the massege, but seems like i don't understand what they mention about .. can any one teach me detaily how to do it .. cause i'm just a beginer ..

05-10-2000, 10:48 PM
If you want to export an image into Flash as a vector, which is where Flash really shines in regards to streaming animation, you are going to need a plug-in, such as Illustrate 4.1 if you're using 3ds R3, or the Vecta 3d plug which works within Max or the Stand alone Swift 3D that everyone seems to be pretty happy about around here. Of course, you could export just a jpeg of an image created in Max and import it into Flash and maybe Trace Bitmap it to see if it lowers the size much or just compress the hell out of it...which, either way, if you ask me, doesn't look all that great. Your best bet is to probably buy Swift 3d and make you're models and lights, etc. in Max and then (I believe this is how it works, Pope will correct me if I'm wrong) import them into swift 3d for conversion into vectors. If you don't have the cash at the moment for Swift or Vecta you can go to www.Davidgould.com (http://www.Davidgould.com) and download a trial version of Illustrate for your appropriate version of Max to just get an idea of the process. I believe I'll be checking out Swift 3d here pretty soon, but until then I've been pretty happy playing with Illustrator.

By the way...

...check out the little help tab in the upper right corner of your programs. It can work wonders.