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05-28-2000, 12:48 AM
Greetings from Team Electric Rain,

After our initial release of Swift 3D we have been working hard to iron out any bugs (we call them “Features” around our sensitive engineers) and have been posting our results on our Customer Only Web Site, accessible via the 'Help' menu on the Swift 3D interface. I hope most of you have been checking that site periodically to make sure you’ve got our best material on your box. One way to make sure is by comparing your Build Number found under 'Help | About Swift 3D' to the Build Number we have posted on the site. We are offering these updates with added features at no cost to our customers.

Along with adding features and streamlining Swift 3D’s efficiency, Electric Rain is striving to be the solution for Flash designers searching for needed tools. We have created an Online Survey designed to let you tell us exactly what types of tools you need to make your Flash projects as innovative and easy as possible. In general, surveys are a bore, but this is your opportunity to have Electric Rain build you the perfect software. Plus, we’re giving away a Palm Pilot and a free copy of Swift 3D, so if you fill out the survey by May 30, 2000 (takes about 5 minutes) you’ll be entered into a drawing for the prizes.

You can find that survey at: http://www.infopoll.net/live/surveys/s8060.htm

Thanks for your energy,

Team Erain

P.S. We are still busting a move on our Mac version so stay tuned for our porting progress. You can register to be notified for the release of the Swift 3D for the Mac through www.swift3d.com (http://www.swift3d.com) under About Swift 3D > Mac Version.